Some Mistakes New Parents and How to Avoid it

The first year of baby life become extraordinary and exciting experience for us who become new parent. However, do not expect will soon become the perfect parents in the care and nurturing of children.

Many parents concerned about child development. Here are some of the most common mistakes new parents and how to avoid it as quoted by the Times of India.

Hearing all the advice
Many of the suggestions you may have heard about how to hold the baby, feeding,or reasons babies cry. Do not accept all the suggestions you hear. Baby is a unique. Can be suitable for other baby does not apply to your baby.

Anxious above all
Babies are vomiting, drooling over crying is normal. Do not be too worried all the time when the baby cries longer than usual or high frequency of saliva. If indeed the situation is alarming, then take the child to the doctor.

Too worried about the weeping
Do not always feel afraid when the baby cries. Babies are designed to cry. Although diaper is new and has been wearing warm clothes, but babies may still crying. Do not panic, because crying is part of the life of the newborn. However, if your baby cries and can not be appeased in one hour, contact your doctor.

Crying because of thirst
Your baby will wake up and cry because of thirst. Do not wake the baby just because they think might be hungry. Breast-fed babies can sleep through the night. And if they need a drink, they'll wake up alone.

Removing saliva and vomit
All the baby vomits milk or food and started to release saliva. Do not think there was something wrong up to the distance between vomiting occurred regularly. If the baby is vomiting or spitting baby milk within 25-30 minutes once, chances are there is something wrong with it. Immediately call a physician.

Baby in car seats
Bringing young baby with cars do look nice. But, make sure you have put the baby in the car seat correctly. Ask for help let other people do not believe. Better safe than sorry later.

Forgot your oral care
Just because babies do not have teeth, it does not mean they do not require oral treatment. Take a soft cloth, and wipe the baby's gums. Once teeth begin to grow, avoid giving your baby with a bottle in bed. This is to prevent damage to the oral cavity or the bitten baby pacifiers. Use a soft toothbrush when the child reaches the age of one year.

Arguing with your spouse
Being a parent is the husband-wife partnership. When taking a decision, do not put a lower pair or feel better know. While it is focusing how to take care of the baby, do not forget the spouse. Remember, even the four-month-old infants can feel her parents quarrel.