Ferrari been Cautioned by FIA

Ferrari has been cautioned before the race at the Spanish Grand Prix. Ferrari car rear wing otherwise breaking the rules by the FIA​​.

FIA did not allow Ferrari to use a new rear wing. According to the FIA, the wing than the stipulated height.

Ferrari feel this is no need to worry. Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso say if the wing had no positive impact.

"That is just one part of the car which we will use for this race. They (FIA) decided we could not wear it. So yes we change course," said Fernando Alonso.

"The wing was only added to the speed of one tenth of seconds (per lap). So no need to be exaggerated."

Fernando Alonso
himself eventually could start from the second row. He recorded a time of 1 minute 21,964 seconds in qualifying and is in fourth place behind Mark Webber who won the pole, Vettel and Hamilton.