World Welcomes the Arrest of Ratko Mladic

President Barack Obama, and several other foreign leaders welcomed the arrest of Bosnian war crimes fugitive, Ratko Mladic, in Serbia. The arrest Ratko Mladic, considered a historic day for the families of victims of the massacre in Srebrenica and a victory for international justice.

According to news agency Associated Press, Thursday, May 26, 2011, Obama said in a statement in France while attending the G8 summit, saying that Mladic's time to face the victims' families and the world before the international court.

"15 years ago, Ratco Mladic ordered the systematic murder of the 8000 residents who are not armed at Srebrenica. Now, he was in prison,"

"I commend President Boris Tadic and Serbian governments for their efforts to ensure Mladic is found and prosecuted. We waited sent Mladic to the international court in The Hague," said Obama.

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, also welcomed the arrest of Mladic. He said that the news of the arrest of Ratko Mladic is big news.

"This is a brave decision from the president of Serbia, and this is an important step towards the integration of Serbia in the future into the European Union," said Sarkozy, quoted by the news station CNN.

Once declared as the person responsible for the deaths of 8000 Bosnian Muslims in 1995, Mladic to escape and become world number one fugitive.

The former supreme commander of the Bosnian Serb army was finally caught Thursday in a raid at his family home in a village in northern Serbia. As a result of the Bosnian war More than 100,000 people were killed, and 1.8 million displaced.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said that the arrest of Mladic was a victory. "There's good reason why international law has long been looking for this man" Cameron said.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon praised the leadership of the President of Serbia and the Serbian government over this arrest. "This is a historic day for international justice. The arrest marks an important step against impunity," said Ban.