Bernard Hopkins break the George Foreman Record

Bernard Hopkins after defeating Pascal has been record as the oldest boxer to capture a world title. Previous record was held by a heavyweight boxer from the United States, George Foreman.

Bernard Hopkins won the world title light heavyweight WBC, IBO, and the magazine The Ring after defeating Pascal, Sunday, May 22, 2011. In this duel, Hopkins stated wins absolute numbers.

This is the second duel of Hopkins and Pascal after the draw at the meeting of December 2010. Furthermore, Hopkins will duel with Dawson.

Bernard Hopkins beat Pascal at the age of 46 years. Thus, the United States boxer that managed to break the record for the oldest boxing champion who previously carried by George Foreman.

George Foreman carve this record after defeating Michael Moorer in the struggle for world heavyweight title in 1994. At that time, Foreman was 45 years, 4 months, and six days.

"I will not retire until age 50 years," Hopkins said as quoted by

Appearances Hopkins also received praise from his opponent, Pascal. According to the boxer from Montreal it, Hopkins is a great fighter who has plenty of tricks to win the battle.

"He's an incredible champion. He's got a good defense and a lot of tricks," said Pascal. "Two battles that we face will take me to a higher level. I learned a lot from Hopkins and his style."