Kristen Stewart: Vampire is Sexy


If you think Vampire is scary, but not for Kristen Stewart. British artist was in fact have other views about vampires. Kristen Stewart thought vampires were sexy.

Kristen Stewart also could understand why her character in the movie 'Twilight' as Bella Swan falls in love with a vampire played by Robert Pattinson.

"Vampires are very sexy. It's like the forbidden fruit. If it's something you can not accomplish, then of course you want more," Stewart said as quoted by Femalefirst, Sunday, May 15, 2011.

However, it does not mean actress Kristen Stewart has the desire to meet Vampire in real life.

"I do not want to meet a real vampire, because they can read your mind," she said.

Kristen Stewart role in the movie 'Twilight' makes the name and the artist career is skyrocketing. Se became a teen idol. And not only that, from the film, Kristen Stewart found the lover in the film. As is known, Kristen Stewart is rumored to establish a lover with Robert Pattinson, co-star in the film.