Bankers in Europe looses Job because Financial Crisis

In fact financial crisis in countries where the euro currency (euro zone) started bad effect for banks in Europe. This finance crisis could create 100000 bankers in Europe losses job.

According to Die Welt newspaper, this week the French bank BNP Paribas plans to release 1400 staff. BNP's decision came as European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, assessing that the situation in Europe has been experiencing a "systemic crisis," marked with the debt problems that ensnared a number of eurozone countries, like Italy and Greece.

In addition to BNP, bank Unicredit of Italy up to four years will reduce the 6150 staff, or three percent of the total workforce, amid enormous pressure from the market for months.

Banks headquartered in the City of Milan had suffered losses of almost 11 billion euros in the third quarter of 2011. Not only that, the Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK and Intesa Sanpaolo in Spain as well as Danske Bank in Denmark is also devising a scheme of mass layoffs.

"Overall, 100,000 European bankers prepared to lose their jobs in accordance with the pruning scheme which has been designed this year. The figures in the third quarter beat that many banks may increase the number of workers will be reduced," wrote Die Welt, which translated into English in WorldCrunch pages, 17 November 2011.

Meanwhile, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, Raimund Roseler, told The Financial Times Deutschland said that a European colleagues will attempt to describe more detailed picture of the impact of the financial crisis in Europe for banking.

In the trial at the European Parliament, Barroso expressed his concern over the banking situation in the region. According to Barroso, Europe now faces a systemic crisis that requires not only a stronger commitment to Europe, but also further steps to resolve the crisis the euro, such as the empowerment of euro bonds. Barroso promised to explain in more detail next week on the euro bond plan.