Rajee Narinesingh undergo facial makeovers

Rajee Narinesingh
Rajee Narinesingh

American people Rajee Narinesingh obsessed with having a pretty face. Born as a man, a resident of Miami, Florida, it feels the need to undergo facial makeovers to enhance femininity face.

Rajee Narinesingh not wealthy. No wonder if he was tempted story about the friend figure Oneal Ron Morris, a beauty expert who serves facial makeovers services at reasonable cost.

Ron Morris came to the practice room, Rajee Narinesingh follow the recommended treatment methods. He received the injections at some point in his face: cheeks, chin, lips and nose. He believed that injections could fix his own shortcomings.

At a beautiful soaring hopes, he saw his face in the mirror changes shape. It was not pretty according to dreams, he instead finds a terrible image of his face. Growing soft lump in the left cheek. Chin shape becomes asymmetric. The upper lip and nose were swollen.

The condition was Rajee Narinesingh aware that Morris charlatan. Later, he also found out that the fluid is injected into his face a mixture of cement and tire maker dough.

Told Miami television station CBS4, Rajee Narinesingh said, "It was awful, you live like a roll of the dice determined. As a trans, I was tempted to look beautiful without having to spend a lot of money to a licensed physician."

Injections that he can with it real cheap price to be paid a heavy price. Rajee Narinesingh had to undergo several operations to restore his 'destroyed'.

Dr. John Martin, who is now caring for Narinesingh, said that the beauty procedure is very dangerous. Silicon is commonly used is a special type which is injected in small quantities. "The case appears, that phony doctors sometimes use toxic industrial silicone and can trigger strange reactions," he said.

Complaint number of patients makes Morris eventually jailed. However, soon free after paying bail of U.S. $ 15 thousand. Morris is also doing the beauty procedure is dangerous to himself, declined to comment. He gave all the answers to the case to the attorney.