Katy Perry concert ticket sales

Katy Perry concert
Katy Perry concert

This time Katy Perry concert ticket sales at FX Senayan Mall attacked a fan. So as not to run out, many prospective buyers are lining up as early as Saturday night 26 November 2011.

As quoted from VIVAnews.com, concert ticket buyers queue snaking from the counters located in the Atrium Mall FX up to the outside. Although 5000 ticket sales of Katy Perry concert which was held January 19 2012 starts at 10:00 am, the line started to happen since yesterday evening.

Katy Perry concert in January will be held at the Sentul International Convention Center. This concert is a series of California Dreams tours as well as the first concert Katy Perry in 2012.

A committee of Ismaya Live, Nio, said ticket sales at FX Mall starting at 10:00 until 17:00 pm. "But, since 11 pm last Saturday have been many who come," he said on-site ticket sales, FX Senayan Mall.

He said the committee sold two tickets with different prices. Priced ticket: 650 thousand orange and gray 850 thousand. Orange ticket owner will occupy the right side and left the stage, while the gray ticket owner will occupy the corners of the Katy Perry concert stage.

Katy Perry

One buyer, Anggi, 22, said that since coming to FX at 06.00 pm and found a long line. "I was disappointed to hear the ticket has run out. But right up in front of the counter was still there," she said.

She deplored the maze of information on ticket availability. "Poor same again but spelled out," she said finally pocketed California Dreams concert tickets.

In addition to direct sales, the committee also will open up sales in a network that starts at 18:00 GMT, Sunday, November 27, 2011.