Paris Hilton bought 2012 Ferrari California Spyder

Paris Hilton ferrari
Paris Hilton ferrari

Recently famous celebrity Paris Hilton make fresh news. Actress and socialite was proudly showing off her latest luxury cars.

Paris Hilton
bought the 2012 Ferrari California Spyder for $ 300 thousand USD.

The Ferrari car was delivered to her home last Friday and immediately joined the collection of expensive cars owned by Paris Hilton.

"Driving my new car for the first time such a beautiful and fun car to drive it. I love it! #YES! I Fast Cars!", "Paris Hilton writes in her personal twitter account as quoted from Zimbio, November 28, 2011.

Paris directly using the car to go shopping with her sister, Nicky Hilton. They drive around Los Angeles with a luxury car is red.

A source from the dealer said the dealers happy because they new car bought Paris. They hope that Paris could help sales of the car.

"When Paris Hilton goes all eyes were on her. We're glad she chose the Ferrari from us. We knew it would bring a good impact. And Paris fit for our brand," said the source.