Jennifer Lopez holding Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Since divorced from Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez was rumored to close with handsome men. As reported by U.S. Weekly, J Lo, who reportedly was close to the actor Bradley Cooper is seen holding a new guy named Casper Smart.

Casper Smart works as a dancer and popular among women. In addition to a career as a dancer, C Smart has also been acting in the film 'Honey 2'. Previously, C Smart had been a background dancer while Beyonce perform at the Grammy Awards 2010.

Casper Smart reportedly close to Jennifer Lopez for some this week. However, sources reveal, the relationship both are not serious.

Jennifer Lopez is indeed just having household problems with Marc Anthony. Her marriage to Anthony ran aground in the middle of the road. However, Lopez did not give up with her ​​love life. She believes one day she'll find true love.

"I am very optimistic about love. I believe in love. And that is my biggest dream," said Jennifer Lopez recently.