Jessica Simpson wedding unlikely to realized?

Jessica Simpson pregnancy
Jessica Simpson pregnancy

Rumors about Jessica Simpson's wedding plans with her fiance, Eric Johnson is unlikely to realized. The reason is, Eric has changed his mind.

According to OK! magazine, Eric Johnson has changed his mind to marry with Jessica Simpson.

"Eric really changed his mind," said the insider is quoted Showbizspy, Sunday (November 13,2011).

"He started to leave Jessica, refused to sign a prenuptial agreement that will be their pedestals. In fact, now he is asking his belief in true love. A lot of people feel she (Jessica Simpson) has completely betrayed," continued the source.

Jessica Simpson ex-wife of Nick Lahey was enthusiastically welcomed the wedding, especially as she has two entities. However, Eric Johnson even let her down.

"Eric knows how important it is for her to get married before the baby is born. She wanted to rush the wedding will not be realized so that the child born out of wedlock. And she will not walk down the aisle with a big belly," he said.