Vienna the top quality of living

Vienna city
Vienna city

You know.... with a captivating infrastructure, safe streets, adequate public services facilities, Vienna City in Austria to be the most qualified in the world to be a place to live. This is the result of a survey conducted Mercer, a business consulting firm and human resources based in New York, United States.

Vienna is Austria's capital, has ornament is decorated with a romantic. Having a large public park and bike path are comfortable and can reduce transportation costs of its citizens. Serious crime is also very rare in a city that has about 1.7 million population.

No wonder if Vienna is always included in the ranking of the top quality of living of this global survey. The survey conducted by Mercer in more than 200 cities around the world, which also rank cities based on security.

The result, Athens city in Greece with a very low security score. That's because, political instability, and conflicts between police and protesters that often occur. Also note, the worst city to be a place to live, namely Baghdad, Iraq. Political and economic conditions in the middle east, so the cause.

"Many countries such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen is the level of quality of life decreased significantly," said Slagin Parakatil, senior researcher at Mercer, as quoted from Reuters.

Here's a complete list of cities included in the 'Top 10 in Mercer Quality of Living'

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Zurich, Switzerland
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Munich, Germany
5. Duesseldorf, Germany
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Frankfurt, Germany
8. Geneva, Switzerland
9. Bern, Switzerland
10. Copenhagen, Denmark