Tatyana Limanova action making commotion an international media

Tatyana Limanova
Tatyana Limanova

Most people have different ways to express their displeasure to the President of the United States Barack Obama. However, Tatyana Limanova who beautiful presenter from Russia is making commotion an international media.

Presenter who worked in the private television station REN TV, Tatyana Limanova raised her left hand was caught and then held up her middle finger when reading the name of 'President Barack Obama' in the news she brought. This award winning journalist was reading a segment about the conference Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Hawaii.

In Western culture, held up middle finger is considered a form of insult. Typically, middle finger raised by an angry, while saying rude words.

Tatyana Limanova action made ​​a split second before the screen changed to show APEC. Perhaps, Tatyana think her actions are not recorded on camera and was interrupted by other images. REN TV is known as one of the few liberals in the Russian television station. Most television stations are controlled by the government.