Justin Bieber is rumored impregnated Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater
Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater

Fresh news came from Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. Boyfriend Selena Gomez is rumored to have impregnated a 20-year-old fan named Mariah Yeater. Because of this incident, Bieber was sued and prosecuted to account for his actions.

As quoted by page Daily Mail, this bustling news published by some media. In a report written by Radaronline.com, 20-year-old woman from California has given birth to a child of the relationship with Justin Bieber 3 months ago. To prove the truth, Bieber was also asked to perform DNA tests.

Star magazine website also reported that the document Justin Bieber has filed a lawsuit against the end of October. The news knocked Bieber began bustling Mariah Yeater discussed when writing something in her website. There she writes, asked Bieber to provide adequate support and care for her baby.

Mariah Yeater was claimed, she has had relationship with a Canadian pop star on 25 October last year, while still 19 years of age Yeater and Justin Bieber was 16 years old.

Mariah Yeater admitted that she had slept with Justin Bieber backstage after a concert that was held in Los Angeles.

"I agreed to go with him and walked to the private area, he said that he wanted to meet with me and this will be an experience for the first time.

"We went inside and immediately, his personality changed drastically. He started touching me. At that moment I asked him to put a condom for protection, but he insists he did not want to. According to Justin Bieber this is the first time he wanted to feel everything," the story of Mariah Yeater.

Hearing this bad news, Justin Bieber spokesman immediately denied. In a statement disclosed in Us Weekly, Bieber spokesman immediately denied and said it will sue over allegations without any reason behind this.

"Although we have not seen this suit, it's sad that someone who made the accusation made-up, evil, and really like this one. We will carry out all legal means to defend and protect Justin Bieber from these accusations," said the spokesman.