David Beckham as fashion icon Hairdressing

David Beckham
David Beckham

Famous celebrity and soccer player David Beckham got titled as a fashion icon hairdressing. Predicate is given because Victoria Beckham husband is like to experiment with hairstyles.

Who does not know David Beckham? Besides known as football players reliably, husband of Victoria Beckham is known as a dress fashion icon and hairdressing world.

A matter of predicate David Beckham as fashion icon hairdressing is also shared by hair experts Indonesia, Rudy Hadisuwarno. According to Rudy, Beckham often look different in hairstyle. Starting from the model shaved, cropped, slightly hairy or Mohawk, ever tried.

"David Beckham deserves the iconic fashion hairdressing world. Several times I saw his hair is very trendy," said Rudy as quoted from okezone.com Wednesday (November 30, 2011).

David Beckham hairstyle
David Beckham hairstyle

Caregivers in the consultation section of lifestyle.okezone.com confessed love with all of the displayed David Beckham hairstyle over the years.

"Nothing specific is best. I like all," he said.

As for Beckham hair coloring, Rudy judge, that there is no impediment to try any hair color.

"White skin can try any hair color," he concluded.

As reported on Monday (November 28, 2011, David Beckham and soccer players from Major League Soccer (MLS) LA Galaxy, United States, arrived in Jakarta. Their presence in the series of Asia Pacific Tour 2011.

While in Indonesia, David Beckham and the LA Galaxy team scheduled to play against Indonesia national team at the Bung Karno Stadium.