Hugh Grant have Daughter

Hugh Grant daughter
Hugh Grant daughter

British celebrity Hugh Grant, is very happy for the birth of Grant first child. However, it is not known who the mother of Grant's child. That's because they are no longer a love affair and cover it.

Baby of Hugh Grant's known female who was born in late October. 51 year old British actor, previously said he is ready to become a father, though not bearing the husband's status.

"Like I care for myself, I'm interested to treat others with more concern," said Hugh Grant, as quoted from Female First.

One source of U.S. Magazine reveals Hugh Grant is very excited with the birth of his daughter even though he no longer shared with the mother of the baby.

Hugh Grant had previously been having an affair with Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years. Unfortunately, these relationships have run aground in the middle of the road in 2000.

He is also known to have a date with Jemima Kahn and last rumored relate to actress China, Hong Tinglan. But, no mention of whether Tinglan Hong is the mother of Hugh Grant daughter.