Mariah Carey diagnosed with gestational diabetes while Pregnant

Mariah Carey pregnancy
Mariah Carey pregnancy

American singer Mariah Carey tells the story of her pregnancy. For the mother of the twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon who was born 30 April 2011 then, the pregnancy is the most difficult period in her life. So difficult, until M Carey was finally diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

To Access Hollywood, she acknowledged since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Mariah Carey should be more careful eating.

"I suffer from gestational diabetes. But now it's okay, but still must be careful when intake food," she said as quoted by Hollyscoop page.

Not only that Mariah Carey suffered while pregnant baby twins, she also suffered some medical complications. During the second and third trimester of her pregnancy she also developed something called edema, the presence of fluid under the skin causing swelling in the feet area. Because of these problems, Mariah finally told to get plenty of sleep and rest.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

"I have a pregnancy that is really difficult. I was told to rest in bed. But it's so bad. But, I learned many things during pregnancy that could change my life," said Mariah Carey.

She also added, "I felt a lot of pain because they are twins. One of the twins is very rough. Even so I love my children".

Although Nick Cannon's wife was feeling pretty suffer while undergoing the process of pregnancy, but now she can be happy. Some time ago, the lapse of six months of the birth of her child, Mariah Carey body slim with a flat stomach again. 42-year-old singer managed to eliminate the weight of pregnancy up to 31.7 kilograms.

"At first, when I first had a baby, I had so much edema. I had never thought, my weight can be the same again," she said.

In "The Rosie Show" 8 November, Mariah Carey admitted to restore weight as the time before pregnancy, she was on a diet and exercise regularly. But she had to wait six weeks before training after cesarean.