Cheryl Cole suffer Malaria, Stop Dieting

Cheryl Cole stop dieting
Cheryl Cole stop dieting

Famous celebrity Cheryl Cole as the sexiest woman in the world, was very concerned about diet and always tried to keep up appearances ideally. However, once sentenced to suffer from malaria, Cheryl no longer focus on maintaining a slim body ideal.

Since contracting malaria was diagnosed last year, Cheryl Cole is strictly prohibited on a strict diet in order to save her life.

"I was ordered by doctors to gain weight. And now, I was eating everything," says Cheryl Cole as reported by the Daily Mail.

cheryl cole malaria

Not only was ordered to stop dieting, the doctor also ordered Cheryl Cole to stop exercising and gain weight after malaria that almost made her life flying. After contracting malaria is diagnosed, it was slim star is only given 24 hours to add nutrients for recovery against the disease.

"I have no choice at that time. And I just can not eat it all," she said.

Cheryl Cole revealed that she was attacked by malaria while on holiday in Tanzania, in June 2010. Cheryl who is now 28-year-old revealed how miserable fight when it's sick. Because of this, she was forced to change most of the priorities in her life.

"It opened my eyes to keep them healthy and I have to throw away the things that I never focused before," she said.

"Now I also began to reduce the work and make more time for relaxing with friends and family." Cheryl Cole said.